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Excel Reporting

Excel Reporting Easily create richly formatted Excel reports without Excel from any ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF or Silverlight application using spreadsheet technology built from the ground up for performance, scalability and reliability.

Excel Compatibility for iOS, Android,
Linux, macOS, UWP and More

Cross Platform Excel Library New SpreadsheetGear for .NET Standard product enables cross platform developers to enjoy the same high performance Excel compatible reporting, charting, calculations and more relied on by thousands of Windows developers for 10+ years.

Excel Compatible Windows Forms,
WPF and Silverlight Controls

Excel Compatible Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight Controls Add powerful Excel compatible viewing, editing, formatting, calculating, filtering, sorting, charting, printing and more to your Windows Forms, WPF and Silverlight applications with the easy to use WorkbookView controls.

Great Looking Dashboards from
Excel Charts and Ranges

Excel Chart and Range Imaging Samples You and your users can design dashboards, reports, charts, and models in Excel or the SpreadsheetGear Workbook Designer rather than hard to learn developer tools and you can easily deploy them with one line of code.

Excel Charting

Excel Charting Enable users to visualize data with comprehensive Excel compatible charting which makes creating, modifying, rendering and interacting with complex charts easier than ever before.

Excel Calculations

Excel Calculations Evaluate complex Excel based models and business rules with the fastest and most complete Excel compatible calculation engine available including 449 Excel compatible functions, multithreaded recalc, array formula support and more.
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